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Real Estate Marketing—Selling Your House for More Than It’s Worth

Real Estate Marketing—Selling Your House for More Than It's Worth

Getting a good deal for a house and selling it for more important, but is not really all you should think about before you purchase a property. You should look at ways to get even more than the property is currently worth. If you’ve found a trusted agent they will let you know how much the house is worth “as is.” That means in the state you currently bought it. They will also know how much it would be worth if you are willing to invest in making a few improvements to the property.

Here are a few ways you can increase the value of your property with very little time and only a small financial investment. In fact, many of these “quick fix” things you may be able to do all by yourself and save money for the cost of hiring someone to make the improvements for you. These small improvements listed below can mean thousands or even tens of thousands of profit from the sale of the investment property:

  • Paint— Practically every property you purchase could use a new interior paint job. It’s a part of the normal wear and tear of the property. Painting can give it a much newer, fresher look. By using light neutral colors, you give the property a feeling of being larger than it really is. If the exterior paint or siding is badly maintained as well, a new exterior paint job is a good idea and will also go a long way toward increasing the selling cost.
  • Lighting— Old dull, outdated lighting can be a problem when selling. You want a property that bright and welcoming to a prospective buyer. Replacing the old, original lighting with new, modern lighting will add a more modern look and really brighten up the place.
  • Kitchen cabinets— If the cabinets are old looking or in need of repair, there are several ways to make them better without replacing the entire cabinets. In fact, replacing just the drawer pulls and cabinet handles with newer, more modern ones can improve the look of the kitchen for very little money at all. You can also think about painting the existing cabinets or possibly replacing just the cabinet doors with new doors or open doors with glass or plastic inserts. This can give it a more elegant appearance.
  • Storage— Everyone needs more storage these days, especially in the kitchen. Adding shelving to big open cabinets with no shelves at all can allow for more storage space that can be easily organized. Shelves in closets can also be a good idea and help increase storage area as well for a small amount of money.
  • Space— Many older houses have several small rooms. By removing a wall and opening up a room to a larger, open are can give the home a more open feel that is more inviting to potential buyers.
  • Fixtures— Adding new faucets/fixtures in bathroom and kitchen can make a big difference to the appearance of a home. The more modern look can increase your profit and again, it will be relatively inexpensive.
  • Landscaping— The first view a buyer gets of a home is the outside. You need to create a street view that attracts buyers to the home. A small amount of landscaping can make a buyer stop and want to look at the property. It can often sell them on the property before they look inside. A garden space with seasonal flowers or plants can be very attractive and those who love gardening will want to work in that garden. Make the plants those who generally take care of themselves and you sell beauty to those who know nothing at all about gardening but love the street appeal.
  • Entrance— If the front door is old and boring or damaged, give the home a new front door. This will definitely improve the street view of the property. It will give it a pretty, neat look that can draw in buyers.

Once the property has had a small, inexpensive facelift, you will be able to attract more buyers and get a much better price. Make sure whether you are trying to sell yourself or using an agent that you take many pictures of the house. Choose those pictures that show off its new look and will be attractive for prospective buyers looking for property in that area.