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Seven Keys to Selling Your House Quicker and for More Money

Selling your house means you have to talk and handle lots of people. They may be distrustful of you, abrupt rude, or ask prying questions.
Negotiating a price can be painful process if you choose to do it without professional help.
These tips will help you handle some of the situations you will come across.

  1. When people call you must always ask them for their full name and phone number. Do not discuss too much on the phone. If they do not inspect your house, they will never buy it. When you set an appointment, make it an exact time.
  2. Avoid having family or friends around when showing your house to others. The potential buyers will feel uneasy and may not fully inspect the house to its best advantage.
  3. Keep your pets locked up. Animals harassing the prospective buyer may not be appreciated.
  4. Greet people as if they are your friends. Friendliness and smiling face sells.
  5. Do not tell people inspecting: “This is the kitchen. Here is the lounge and the laundry.” Tell them what you there. Eg “Come and feel how cool the bedroom is with air conditioning on.” Or “We had a great party in here with 35 people and room to spare.” Point out the benefits to prospective purchasers.
  6. If you have not already done so get the name, address and phone number of the people who have come to inspect your house. Do not let them in until you have received this information.

Remember, if they do not trust you to give you their name and details, how can they trust you to buy the house from you?

  1. Never accept an offer immediately. Even if you know you will accept it. If you accept it too quickly it subtly tells the purchaser that you were trying to charge too much I the first place. You will loseĀ  the purchaser’s trust.

You should say: “I need to discuss your offer with my husband/ wife/ solicitor first. If we accept the offer how much deposit, are you prepared to give us, and when can you settle?” This commits the buyer to giving some definite concessions.

When accepting an offer you can say: “Well, because you do have finance and can leave deposit, we will accept the lower price.” This makes everybody happy.