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Tips for Property Owners

Fourteen things to do before advertising your property to sell it quicker and for more money.

Did you know that the decision to buy is usually made within 60 seconds of seeing a property? You can probably recall walking into a place and either liking or hating it.

First impressions are the most lasting. Make sure the impression of your home is favorable!

  1. Keep your garden neat. People will be more likely to want to see inside your house if the garden is neat, flowers and shrubs are trimmed and lawns are cut and green.
  2. Paint the outside of your property. A fresh coat of paint on your fence outside will not cost much and it can add thousands of dollars in appeal value to the property.
  3. If your garden is untidy, consider using a landscaper, especially if the rest of the property looks attractive. If money is short, try doing a deal. Get a few quotes to dress up your garden. Offer the landscaper a fee of say $500 on a $2,000 job to cover his materials against $2,500 after the house is sold. If you approach a few people, someone will say yes. This really works because the landscaper will make more money out of the deal when the property sells. This method can be used with painters as well.
  4. Give your home a good clean. Include windows, carpets, blinds, curtains etc.A clean house is more appealing to a buyer. A clean house shows the buyer you have looked after your property.
  5. Repair leaking taps, showers, cupboards, windows and doors. Clean any discoloration from sinks, basins, baths and showers. Repair sticking windows and doors. Replace missing or loose draw and wardrobe knobs. Repair broker screens and windows. Consider resurfacing your bathroom.
  6. Display the storage capabilities of your house. Remove all unnecessary things from cupboards, spare rooms and the garage. Have a garage sale before you sell. You will have some cash for repairs and advertising!
  7. Make your rooms appear bigger by removing and storing and excess furniture. Do it, especially if the rooms are small to begin with. You will find mini storage will only cost you $12 to $20 per week. A small price to pay if you sell your house quicker and for more money.
  8. Keep stairways and walkways clear. It is dangerous for prospective purchasers and makes your house or unit look cluttered.
  9. Impress the purchaser with; well decorated, bright, clean bathrooms and kitchens. The decision to buy is often made on an attractive bathroom or kitchen. Hang your new bright towels in the bathroom. Maybe use the old vanilla trick. Bake a few drops in the oven. It will fill the kitchen with a sweet, pleasant smell that will bring images of warmth and good home cooking.
  10. Brightness and light will show off your house to its best advantage. Turn on the lights. Open the blinds. Let the light in. Your house will feel more alive. Light sells, darkness doesn’t. Consider installing a skylight in dark areas.
  11. Prepare a written description of your house and area around it. Tell the other people why it is a good place to live. Always tell the truth. Truth sells. Exaggerating does not. Imagine you are writing to your best friend. Tell them everything about your house and where you live. This will make your description more human, warm and appealing. Have copies made to give people who inspect your house. This will help them remember your house. They may be looking at five other houses on the same day.
  12. Make a note of questions people ask you. If you do not know the answer this time, find out before the next people come. They will probably ask the same questions. Include this information in the sheets that you give the people as they leave.
  13. Have a contract ready. Be an optimist. If someone says: “I’ll take it.” Be ready for them. Have property searches done and ready as well.
  14. Always ask for a deposit to secure a sale. A cheque is OK. Never, never, never think you have sale. “I’ll be back tomorrow”, “I am really keen”, “We’ll just go home and get the cheque book”, are common ways to leave you waiting. No deposit, no contract, no sale.

The better prepared and planned you are the better the chance of success.